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The Vandals, MY IDAHO VANDALS, are 3-1 for the first time since the big sky days.  It's been 10 years since the vandals had a winning season, and 15 years since they started out 3-1.

Our QB, Nathan Enderle, is rated 30th and 31st in yards, completions, and passing efficiency.  One of our THREE feature backs has got 5 rushing touchdowns, tied for 4th in the nation (behind all the other ties).  We are rated 9th in the nation in 3rd down efficiency.  Our defense is rated 28th in the nation against the run.  And we haven't faced a FCS team.  In fact, the only team we lost to was UW.

Now, i'm TOTALLY the kind of person who says 'i told you so.'  Anybody wants to doubt the Vandals are on the right track, go look at the numbers.

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Washington to change it's name to IW (Idaho West)

I don't know how much media this is getting on the east coast, but the new coaching staff of the UW huskies is starting to look like a who's who of former Idaho coaches.  To date, 6 staffers, including D-coordinator Nick Holt, QB coach Doug Nussmeier, D-line coach Johnny Nansen, LB coach Mike Cox, safeties coach Jeff Mills, and running back coach Joel Jones.

Sark is either a mad genius or a complete idiot.

Holt left Idaho a few years back on LOI day, with all his recruits runnin around campus saying "so, where's the coach?"

Nansen was the D line coach who led the Vandals to giving up over 200 yards on the ground per game, 6 yards per carry, and 35 rushing touchdowns.  And that was to teams like San Diego State and Utah State.

Nussmeier is coming from Fresno State, apparently because Pat Hill is under a lot of pressure down there and did not get a contract extension.  Right, like UW is going to be easier? 

Joel Jones, a hero in my mind, has been the RB coach for Purdue.  Purdue got 120 yards per game on the ground.  Love the Gold and Black color scheme though...

Mills is joining the Huskies from Youngstown state.  Draw your own conclusion.

Cox is coming from the Rams.  Draw your own conclusion.


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The Baconpress

So one of my favorite and least productive things to do is to write phony news articles.  I get a kick out of it.  I'll share all of them, but here's my most recent.  If you haven't hear, BSU is putting out it's own energy drink, much like Gatorade.  They call it Broncojuice.  1-4-2009   

Broncojuice Nectar of Life

When Boise State University first set about creating an energy drink representing their school, the idea was simple.  Take an idea someone else came up with and put it to use for personal gain, much like stealing a fight song or copying your cousins homework.  It's really no surprise, then, that the original formula for the new Broncojuice originated in Nazi Germany in 1945.  German scientists came close to perfect a chemical which can reanimate dead tissue.  When the war ended, the research was discontinued, packed away into crates and lost for over 60 years.  Somehow it ended up at BSU.

Rip Offerson, a 63 year old undergrad who was working as a BSU groundskeeper, found the research while repairing a snowblower.  Rip, who had been taking chemistry courses off and on for the last 30 years, began deciphering the ingredients and made a batch of Broncojuice in his home distillery.  The potent elixer proved to be an excellent energy drink.

"I feel like i did my first three freshman years!" Rip exclaimed to reporters.  "The stuff was magical!" 

Rip went on to give samples to university administrators.  Within weeks, mass production of Broncojuice began.  Of course, the original recipe created greenish liquid, unacceptable for BSU fans.  Blue dye #75 was added.  Unbeknownst to BSU officials, blue dye #75 was the missing ingredient for the original purpose of the concoction, to bring dead soldiers to life.

A spokesman for the Ada County Morgue state, "Yeah, things are gettin kinda weird.  We've had thirty bodies so far this week just up and walk out of the morgue.  We know they've been drinking Broncojuice because of the sickly blue glow their skin has.  Unfortunately, when they come back from the dead, they don't have anything left upstairs, if ya know what i mean.  All they seem to be able to do is flock to walmart and stare at TV's showing the Fiesta Bowl from a few years back."

Families of the reanimated corpses are planning on taking legal action against the university.  Most of the walking dead have been "rekilled" so they can receive proper burials.

"It's nasty," said an Ada County Sheriff's Deputy.  "The only way to bring them down is shoot them in the head.  Blows up like a giant blueberry."  The sheriff's department would neither confirm nor deny reports that several still living Bronco fans have been inadvertantly shot in the head.  Apparently it's difficult to discern the living from the undead when they are all huddled around a 52" plasma at Walmart.
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Who are your two least favorite fan bases?

It happens.  You run into fans of rival teams or neighboor teams that just get under your skin.  Truth be told, you wouldn't mind so much if they all took a long walk off a short pier.  Some you wish a meteor would hit there car as they are stuck in traffic.  The worst thing about them as that they always have one or two people who are half decent, but the rest...

My two hated fan bases would have to be the UW Huskies and the BSU Broncos.

The Raider Nation pulls a distant 3rd.

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